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Vindale Research Review [2019]

Vindale Research review 2019


Vindale Research is a paid survey community and one of the few legitimate survey sites which is actually paying money to the people who are taking part in their surveys. It has a strong presence in US, UK, Canada and Australia. It is hired by many brands to get customer insights. Big companies are using these customer insights to improve their brand image and customer satisfaction with both the product and after sales customer services.

Vindale research is a legitimate company which is based in New York city and one of the oldest surveying companies out there. It is going to provide you a little reward for the easy work you put out in your spare time and this site will help you to pocket some extra money.

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How to make money with Vindale Research?

There are several ways to earn money with Vindale Research and they are one of the few companies who actually pay money rather than points. You will be rewarded 2 $ for filling out basic information about yourself after signing up.

Click this image to join Vindale Research

1. Taking Surveys

You can earn 0.5$ to 5$ per survey that you complete. These surveys can be done by completion of short answer questionnaires. The reward will be credited to your account without any delay.

Vindale Research will provide you many surveys based on the questions that you answered.

2. Watch videos to earn with Vindale Research

You can earn money by watching videos provided by their website. These videos are usually short and they are paying up to 0.25 $ per video. Videos are usually a minute or less in length and pays out from 0.05$ to 0.25$ per video.

3. Vindale Research’s interacting with email marketing

Your email account will receive email advertisement from Vindale Research and for every time you open these advertisement emails, they will pay you 10 cents $.

4. Product and services testing

You will receive money from Vindale Research for your honest review of products or services that will be provided for you for a time. They will pay you an incentive for your time and labour that you keep spending on testing that product.

Surveys based on these specific products will land you from 5$ to 75$.

5. Take part in contests

You can take part in several contests that will pay you up to 15$. These contests are usually available for a limited and regular time periods.

6. Referring to a friend

You will be paid $5 per each person who you keep referring to Vindale Research website. You will be eligible to this referral bonus even though the new person is not active.

7. Daily customer study.

Daily customer study completion will be rewarded by Vindale Research with a payment. A certain study can run out of time before you could complete it even though you are already half way through it leading you to not to get paid.

8. Providing a proof of payment

Providing a screenshot of your payment will give you a bonus of 5$. This is done by Vindale research to keep the trust of their new members as these photos are working as a testimonial that they actually pay you for your time and effort.

9. Bonuses and special deals.

This depends on your demographics, you will be eligible for certain discounts and special bonuses when you purchase a product or a service through Vindale Research.

10. Participating in panels

11. Vindale Research reward codes

You can earn more money by keep on the lookout for reward codes that will be posted several times a day on social media. Each completion of reward codes will grant you different amount of money.

12. Answering the daily question

Vindale research will pay you for answering their daily question and the reward is 0.5$. Your entry will be considered as an entry for a daily drawing and twenty winners are chosen daily.

the steps to do this is as follows

  1. Go to their social media accounts
  2. look out for the clue
  3. find out the answer and enter it on their site.
Vindale Research join here

How to get paid?

Vindale Research gives you the ability to choose from these two options. You can get paid by a Bank cheque or by transferring your account balance to a PayPal account.

Advantages of Vindale Research

  1. You can literally promote your referral links in anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether it’s via email, via social media or a text message.
  2. Don’t forget to download the Chrome extension to get notifications about Vindale Research’s alerts and new studies.
  3. You are getting paid for every member who signs up through your referral link.
  4. It is one of the few sites that actually pay cash instead of points, just like InboxDollars.
  5. You can earn money by watching promotional videos, product and services reviewing, referrals, discounts, taking part in daily customer study and taking surveys.
  6. Transparent detailing of your payments.
  7. Easier to navigate through all the features.
  8. Blog and huge social media presence.
  9. Getting paid in cash not points.

Disadvantages of Vindale Research

  1. Gift cards and coupons are valid only in USA.
  2. You may get survey invitations from Vindale Research that may lead you to surveys of other companies.
  3. Cash out limit is $50.
  4. No mobile app.

Can we recommend it?

Yes. This site is legitimate and pays you in real cash not points. There are many ways to earn money with Vindale Research and the rewards can be earned with less effort.

Click on the image to join Vindale Research

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