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Vi Trainer personal fitness coach Review [2019]

Vi Trainer review

Vi personal trainer is the world’s first AI powered personal trainer. Vi personal trainer coach users through bio sensing earphones. These earphones are engineered by Harmon Kardon and provides good clarity, good sound balance.


VI launched it self to the market back in 2017 after a massively popular Kickstarter campaign reached over $ 1.7 millions with people who were backing it up. As per the time of writing this article, they have already sold thousands of their products across the world. The VI company improved customer satisfaction with all the early feedback they received. And in every year they keep up following customer base to get more feedback hoping to improve further customer satisfaction. They also have partnerships with Running Room and Sportscheck to increase their fanbase.

How it works?

Vi Trainer review
Vi Trainer Review

Vi trainer device is focusing on coaching and motivating you to engage in running, walking, and cycling. The first time you connect to the device, the AI powered Vi trainer will ask for details like name and your fitness goals. It will provide you motivational banter that you may find to be of use. The banter is usually jokes, motivation and steps that you could use to improve your overall performance. It also provides advice that may help you to improve your personal fitness goals. These real time advises are based on readings gained by biosensors and activities of the user.

Cutting edge biosensors

VI trainer comes with a Heart rate monitor, 6-axis accelerometer and gyrometer, barometer, in ear detection sensor, automatic speech recognition and earbud touch sensor. The device is connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and comes with headphones specifically designed for it.

Vi trainer powered by AI algorithm then use these sensors to measure heart rate, distance covered elevation and stores that data logs to construct real time advice to improve your overall performance.

These headphones are having advance biosensors that can measure your bodily status. There’s an app that you can install on your mobile device which is connecting that app with your device. VI delivers you motivational messages through the earphones and you can play music or podcasts of your choosing while using it.

The application for Vi trainer collects all the details and saves up them in logs with details such as heart rate and amount of steps you took.

With that information the Vi then develop a customized workout plan that may powered by it’s AI powered algorithm detect the optimal state of your performance and replicates that process to help you obtain that optimal status for longer periods of time.with VI trainer, you can use to customize the workout plans accordingly to your ability to commit.

Vi trainer also recommends Spotify playlist of your liking accordingly to the situation.

You can sync this device with Google Fit and Apple Health.

Benefits of Vi trainer

  1. Sound is engineered by Harmon Kardon (AKG) and undoubtedly they have done a good job at keeping the voice clarity level higher, amazing voice balance without any pitfalls and also with improved hearing and overall sound quality.
  2. Fitness tracking like number of steps, distance covered and heart rate monitoring is solid. They provide all the detail that you want to know about.
  3. VI trainer powered by AI algorithm is really providing you the details that may shape your fitness goals, it motivates you further and gives you valuable information to keep you motivated and safe during running/cycling/walking in various landscapes. Example – if you are running uphill, the Vi trainer will tell you to slow down. If your heart rate is rapidly increasing, then the VI trainer will tell you to slow down a bit or to take some rest.
  4. Every detail of your performance and health facts are then logged in their application. These details can be easily accessed at anytime.
  5. Comes with a battery life of 8 hours.
  6. Touch sensor provided in the earbuds can be used to skip music tracks or to stop a workout without accessing your mobile device.
  7. Hassle free device as it can be used as normal headphones without worrying to wear it on your wrists.
  8. It is easier to wear and durability is high.

Disadvantages of Vi Trainer application

  1. The voice recognition feature may not work properly when you say something with an accent or when you are out of your breath. You have to stress words properly to get it identified at the first time. Uncommon names may be unrecognisable to the vi, so it will come up with nicknames.
  2. Company is providing coaching for cycling, walking and running only for now, but they are planning to develop the coaching ability for yoga and guided meditation.

Can we recommend it?

Yes. It is very useful for a person who is just starting out. It also provides good data that anyone could use to improve their overall performance. The world’s first Vi trainer lives up to it’s name and delivers a highly satisfying user experience.

Vi Trainer review
Vi Trainer Review

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