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Survey Junkie and How to make money with it. Review [2019]

Survey Junkie review 2019


Survey Junkie is another marketing survey site which is very similar to the likes of InboxDollars, Global Test Market or Swagbucks. 

The Survey Junkie offers money as an incentive for the completion of their surveys. Survey Junkie has more than 3 million members and was launched back in 2005.

More importantly the Survey Junkie has A+ rating with BBB and positive feedback on Trust Pilot.

Anyone can join if they are older than 13 or 13 and must be residing in US, UK, New Zealand, Australia or Canada.

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How to make money with Survey Junkie?

The Survey Junkie offers points for each successfully completed survey. These points can be redeemed directly to your PayPal account or can be redeemed for e-gift cards. However you cannot redeem the Survey Junkie points for a Bank cheque, so you have to rely on above mentioned options to cash it out. You can cash out at 10 $.

1000 Survey Junkie points are equal to 10 US dollars.

Registration process and your basic personal details will get you 25 points and a profile survey of 16 questions will get you another 50 points. Email confirmation will get you another 25 points. Additional profile survey will get you another 10 points.

If you keep yourself active in every month, your points won’t expire and will exist until you cash out.

1. Earn money with Survey Junkie by submitting surveys.

After registering as a member of Survey Junkie, they will ask for more information about your demographics and based on those demographics, many matching surveys of various topics will be available for your convenience.

For completing your first profile survey will get you 25 Survey Junkie points and most surveys will get you from 50 points to 450 points and this depends on the time duration and the complexity of the survey. There are surveys that pay you well and takes only little time to complete and there are surveys that doesn’t pay you well but takes a lot of time to complete.

You can expect to earn from 1$ to 3$ median income per survey with Survey Junkie.

Survey Junkie will pay few Survey Junkie points for the completed survey that you were not qualified for.

You will get an email notification when there’s a survey offer is available with them.

2. Join focus groups.

Joining focus groups is a good idea as they usually pay more.

3. Product testing.

Some companies are in dire need of product testing, so they will provide you free products in exchange of your reviews and user experience, though these opportunities are limited.

Advantages of Survey Junkie

  1. You will be rewarded with Survey Junkie points as soon as you have completed your survey. So, there won’t be any delay in crediting your earned points to your account balance.
  2. Flexible options to redeem your Survey Junkie points will be available as soon as you want with PayPal and e-gift cards.
  3. You will still get few Survey Junkie points for the surveys that you disqualified for.
  4. No standard fees to redeem points. – Unlike some companies, you don’t have to pay a standard fee to redeem your Survey Junkie points.
  5. No start up cost or membership fees.
  6. The payout threshold is at 1000 points which is 10 $. This is relatively lower when considering many companies out there.
  7. Joining focus groups will pay you more.
  8. Easy to understand and easy navigation.
  9. Well documented F.A.Q and stellar customer support service.

Disadvantages of Survey Junkie

  1. Too many email notifications about survey opportunities.
  2. You will sometimes get invited to surveys that doesn’t qualify for you. This is a common problem with many survey sites around the internet.
  3. No mobile app and surveys are designed to be taken on a computer.

Can we recommend Survey Junkie?

Yes. Survey Junkie is a legitimate company which offers points for every survey that you complete. They will cash out your payments to your PayPal account or you can redeem your points with e-gift cards. If you want to earn some extra money on your free time, then this is for you. It won’t make you rich overnight though it will help you to earn some money per every month.

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