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SpyFone for Android Review [2019]


You can use SpyFone app to monitor the behaviour of your child, kid-sister, kid-brother, and literally anyone with an android device. SpyFone app is ideal for busy parents, specially for single parents, or for people who are concerned about their younger siblings.

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Though SpyFone’s previous versions were plagued with performance issues and bugs related to the processes of several features, now they have released a newer version of SpyFone application which is reliable and trustworthy. Unlike many competitors out their, they offer many advanced features like live tracking, live access to cameras.

Features and functionality of SpyFone

  1. capturing screenshots of the target user’s phone.
  2. recording calls of the target user
  3. live recording of audio
  4. live recording of video+audio from both front and back cameras separately.
  5. Instant location finder with a location map.
  6. Web history.
  7. Photo viewer.
  8. Clipboard view.
  9. App usage status.
  10. get can access to phone log.
  11. can get to text messages
  12. access to MMS (Multi Media Messages), though I seriously wonder, why did they bother at all to provide this feature as almost no one is using MMS these days.
  13. Remote SD card file browser.
  14. Remote SMS control ability. (really works, though there’s a small learning curve which I will explain in this article)
  15. Key logger
  16. Facebook messenger, Whatsapp messages, Whatsapp photo/Audio, Snapchat messages, Viber messages, Kanko messages, Tinder messages (both incoming and outgoing) can be accessed without root. If you haven’t rooted your device, only incoming can be accessed when it comes to Skype, Line, Kik, Instagram, Hike, Imo, Zalo, Gmail, Hangouts.  Rooted device is necessary to access outgoing messages.  
  17. Can view common status of your target’s mobile phone like, System information, root status, OS details, Model, details regarding connectivity, battery percentage left, Internal and External memory Storage percentage, Mobile connectivity, Wifi Status, Mobile network Location Access, GPS satellites access status.

Live Access

Unlike many other competitors, the developers of this SpyFone app provides access to several features such as Live screen streaming, live phone audio capturing, live location, live video capturing, live audio/video capturing, live screen capturing.

However SpyFone app doesn’t provide the facility to save live streaming video/audio to your computer and can be viewed only.

Easy Access view tab

Phone calls, SMS, MMS and Contact list accessability

SpyFone provides the target user’s entire contact list, phone call log, SMS messages log, MMS messages log, and these can be accessed through your end.

SpyFone application can playback audio of the outgoing and incoming calls from the log.

You can view the received and outgoing SMS by the SMS messages log.

Use contact list tab to view contacts list of the target user, you can block the contacts from your side, also can delete contacts.

Phone contact list
SMS messages log
Phone calls log

Location Access

Location view will give you a log of locations which is updated periodically and by your command details with the View Map feature. You can also delete these saved locations one by one from the list. Location path will be shown as per the list of the log of locations.

Location View

App usage view

App usage view

SpyFone also provides App usage view will provide you all the details about App usage, the time of the last access to the app and also the time period a certain app is used for within 24 hours. You can block the target user’s access to several apps from here by clicking on the block button.

Device Status

SpyFone also gives you the access of system status, and several other important information like battery percentage left, memory percentage left, status of mobile data connectivity and Wifi status.

System information
Several other details
Several useful features like, Battery percentage, Memory percentage, Mobile Data status, Wifi status, MNL access status, and GPS status.

Scheduled Audio/Video Capturing

With SpyFone you can schedule audio capturing, video capturing (you have to specify whether it is main camera or the front camera), or the screenshot feature, by providing specific date and time. These scheduled captures can be viewed by the log.

Remote SMS control ability.

Remote SMS control ability can be used to manually enable/disable several phone features, simply by sending a discreet SMS to the target phone. For an example, to get instant location all you have to do is to send the [security code] LC 1 to the target’s number. This will trigger a mechanism in the SpyFone app and will send you the location details

There’s a unique SMS access Code, which can be changed by accessing to Settings tab.

Remote SMS Control feature

Features and their availability as per the Root/ No Root

FeatureNo RootRoot
Whatsapp messagesIncoming/Outgoing Incoming/Outgoing
Whatsapp photo/AudioIncoming/Outgoing Incoming/Outgoing
Facebook messages Incoming/Outgoing Incoming/Outgoing
Snapchat messages Incoming/Outgoing Incoming/Outgoing
Viber messages Incoming/Outgoing Incoming/Outgoing
Kakao Talk Incoming/Outgoing Incoming/Outgoing
Tinder Incoming/Outgoing Incoming/Outgoing
SkypeIncoming Incoming/Outgoing
LineIncoming Incoming/Outgoing
KikIncoming Incoming/Outgoing
ImoIncoming Incoming/Outgoing
ZaloIncoming Incoming/Outgoing
InstagramIncoming Incoming/Outgoing
HangoutsIncoming Incoming/Outgoing
HikeIncoming Incoming/Outgoing

Photos View

Photos view will show you thumbnails of the available images and can save them in full resolution by clicking save on them.

Web history view

Web history can be accessed with SpyFone application and can be deleted from your end. This will also provide you the details of most visited sites.

Web history view

Clipboard view

Clipboard view can be used to see the target user’s copied text which saved in the clipboard. You can copy them or delete them from your end.

Clipboard view

Data Backup and deletion

This can be done by the “Data liberation” tab. You can download data to your computer or you can delete the data. If you do delete data please do remember that it cannot be reversed nor recover. SpyFone data download procedure is very easier to do and even a novice user can do it very easily.

Download your data to backup them

The System Log events

System log events gives you a full detailed view of the targeted user’s System logs, therefore their every action.

System log view

Settings view

Settings tab will give you access to many customize-able features of the app. SMS command pin can be changed by here. GPS accuracy distance is also can be changed.

Settings view

Customer Care

Customer care is friendly and the agent (female) I contacted was very professional and also very supportive. SpyFone is really offering a good customer service system.

Performance and bugs

Few performance and reliability issues can occur when it comes to features which occur in the non-rooted android devices. But, re-installing the app usually solves the deal.

Installation of the software

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