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SecondLife The Virtual Social Network Review [2019]



Secondlife is an online roleplaying game in where you can create your personal avatar and can engage with other players in this game to literally live your utmost fantasy. Warning firsthand though that you are going to love it to a level that you may never obsessed with it.

There are so many variations and possibilities that you could explore and one more thing I noticed is the amount of customization that the developers does offer for this game. There are so many destinations that you could escape with your fellow friends, you can go on a date, you can test your bowling skills in a Game skill part or you can travel to a remote place surrounding hills and scenic views, or you can live your utmost fantasy as a vampire, go on a rescue mission to save someone etc etc.

What is SecondLife?

SecondLife is a massive multiplayer online role playing game and it is specifically developed for the purpose of acting as a 3D social media network. Think about it this way, a merge between facebook and Sims.

There are thousands of people who are playing this game and most of them are experiencing friendly and fun activities that they can do together, such as skiing, outdoor partying, hanging out in the country clubs, visiting the city night clubs and musical venues, etc etc. Literally there are thousands of virtual places that you can visit to have fun or to learn about something.

Also another plus point is the amount of customization that you can have in this game. There are thousands of variables that you could customize. You can create anything from a house to a dress.

How to Play?

Join SecondLife by clicking the image below

SecondLife Virtual Lifestyle

Firstly you have to register with your email to log in to their game server.

Registration process is easy as cake

Registration page will take you to a small form which is very easy to fill. You an select a custom avatar in here and remember that you can change your avatar at any time. The following gallery will give you an idea of the level of customization that they offer when it comes to characters.

Once you have selected your character, you can hang out with the other players, you can get to know them. You can hang out with them, you can go on educational tours, you can visit educational libraries or you can role play as a vampire, a witch, medieval prince/princess, 18th century gentleman or a lady. Remember lads, that we can change our Avatar at anytime.

Getting along with the community

SecondLife is backed by a dedicated fan base and a big community which is supporting each other both in real life and virtual life. People are usually nice and hospitable and you can get along with them, get to known them, party with them, join a club, hang out with them in a country rock club or what about taking part in a challenge with them.

Find people with common dreams and passions

Becoming who you want to be in life with Educational opportunities

Teachers and Students can engage in fun activities

You can engage in University Students, school students, teachers and many more academics to learn more about subjects and passions common to you and your friends.

Becoming a Professional Musician or a Dancer

With SecondLife you can become a real time musician and get paid for your efforts

Becoming a Merchant or a service provider.

Becoming an adventurer

You can take part in missions like rescuing someone or surviving through magical endavours in forbidden lands and many more to earn rewards and Linden Dollars.


Welcome to the castle of vampires
vampire get together at a gothic castle

There are so many venues suitable for your roleplaying community.

You can become a vampire, gothic gentleman/lady or even an animated cat girl, though remember that we are not sure whether you may run in to Elon Musk himself in as an animated cat girl roleplayer.

be the vampiress that you always wanted to be
wanted to bite people all this time?
host parties for your friendly witches, vamapires and animated cats

Becoming a 3D developer

With SecondLife anything is possible to create brand new, from Cars, Housing, Clothing, Shoes, customized body parts or even a forest. If you have the skill, get ready to get paid for your effort. You can provide these clothing, housing, cars and everything all by your self or by via stores.

Becoming a LandLord

Though you can do everything without owning real property, there are several perks of having a place of your own. You can invite people to join your parties, to spend time with you over a drink, to participate in gossiping or any other thing in your mind.

To enjoy these perks, you have to purchase a land of your own, then you can purchase an already modeled house, or even a forest from a service provider. The lands are available in the SecondLife mainland or as islands. Don’t have money for that? Then, you can start modeling and building your house and leisure spots all by your self.

You can start a theme park, skill matching station, a club, a store or anything you want to build on the land you own. You have to pay for the ownership of a land though. According to SecondLife developers, they got more than 500,000 acres of virtual lands in the SecondLife main land and all the islands combined.

You can rent these properties to other players who may pay you to enjoy the aforementioned perks.

Locations that you can visit

Experiencing natural forests and locations

With SecondLife, you can become a tourist with a taste for exotic locations, whether it’s wilderness, beaches, tropical islands or many more. There are so much fun activities provided with this game, such as beach parties, guided tours and many more. Each location will have specific something that you could get hold of. Hereby I am providing examples of the endless possibilities that you could experience by visiting each one of them.

There are more than 70 beaches around the SecondLife mainland


There are more than 70 beaches around the SecondLife main land and these beaches are focusing on fun activities like beach parties, beach sports, fun clubs, dating and much more. There are beaches specifically designed to meet foreign nationals to improve your language skills by conversation.

magical forests

There are many wildernesses with hidden adventures lurking in them. Players are welcome to seek them to award rewards.

more beaches and islands

Got tired of mainland? what about a trip to that beautiful beach island? there are so many things and fun stuff that you can engage in here

the futuristic city

You can visit and hang out with friends in this futuristic city. There are so many fun activities that you can do in here. You can engage in fun activities to earn rewards. You can party with your friends and there are so many fun music venues in this city.

cyber punk city

Still waiting for 2077 Cyberpunk? This cyber punk city is the ideal place to hang out with your friends to enjoy all the things that you could possibly enjoy as a cyber punk person. Cyber punk oriented music venues to clubs, game skill parks, and many more adventurous venues are available in this city.

remnants of earth

Remnants of earth is a game in where the humanity has left earth to colonize stars, leaving it to become a crime filled deteriorating slum. You can take part in adventures and missions for the sake of humanity’s remnants to earn rewards and linden dollars.

space station

The space station which is acting as a hub for inter galactic worlds. There are so many things to experience in here.

the sin forest

Adult oriented activities

The sin forest is an adult rated forest area which is dedicated for adults in a mood for an adult rated fun activities. Beach parties, skinny dipping, exotic clubs, dancing and many more “live like it’s the last day on earth” stuff are available in here.

Roleplaying real life scenarios

that county specifically dedicated for police, firefighting and crime response

This county is ideal for anyone interested in role playing as a police officer, firefighter or a crime response officer. There are somany things you can learn about law and order in here.

Literature and historical touched role play

18th century England

The 18th century England is ideal to role play as a lady or a gentleman in Victorian society. There are so many historical venues that you can visit. Book clubs, tea clubs, and many more fun activities and real life places that are available in this simulation.

wedding locations in rural countryside

There are many country side wedding locations that you can attend to participate in your friend’s wedding. Hell, you can get married to your significant other in here for crying out loud.

romantic walk in the park

What is more romantic than a walk in a beautiful park with your date. There are so many things to see and experience in here. Beautiful venues, fun activities, breathtaking atmosphere and much more.

amazon river side

Amazon river side is a magnificent location in where you can experience all the natural beauties of the amazon river lands. You can take boat tours with friends and take part in tropical parties etc etc.

Deep space space station

There are space stations too. You can visit them to get an immerse experience in human culture with a shade of science fiction.

Fun Stuff

Musical venues

There are many musical venues such as classic country clubs to giant EDM dance parties. So many artists are joining SecondLife and hosting their parties in these venues. Visit the one of your liking. Metal, rock, country rock, EDM, soul, and pop.

One interesting thing is that you can work as a live musician or a DJ in these venues to earn money in Linden Dollars. See more about Linden Dollars Finance Structure in Second Life section

You can become a vocalist, guitarist, violinist, or even a hostess in a place like this or you can simply enjoy life by joining the event with friends.

Education and teaching

Education, fun activities for teachers and students are another perk of SecondLife. Mentoring and teaching has never been so fun before. You can visit the digital library of Stanford University designed by Stanford University staff, yeah that’s right, or you can visit Smithsonian Spanish museum, lessons in postmortem and diseases taught by a real life practitioners, university information archives in the form of parks and many more. Most of the prestigious American Universities are having their specifically built venues like these.

There are many fun activities that both teachers and students can take part in. They can roam the virtual museums, virtual take on the real life thing , or they can participate a poetry reading club, a book club and many more.

Most of these venues are free to roam but there are many paid tour guides and paid entrance only venues. In the case of paid educational services, you can pay for the services with Linden Dollars.

Financial Structure of SecondLife

Linden Dollars

Linden Dollars is the one and only available official currency format in SecondLife. With Linden Dollars you can purchase clothing, shoes, jewelry, cyberpunk themed body replacement parts, cars, housing, shops and many more.

Linden Dolloars can be earned by working on jobs such as becoming a musician and hosting private sessions for customers who would pay to hear you or by auditioning to work in musical venues such as classic rock clubs, metal festivals, hard rock clubs, EDM oriented nightclubs.

You can search the Job Market to see the listed opportunities and you can work as a hostess, waiter, sales representative or anything in between.

Or you can become a entrepreneur of your own by purchasing shops or by creating 3D stuff for shops that would provide cars, housing, gardening, pools, clothing , jewelry and anything the people would love to buy.

What about engaging yourself in challenges, skill testing games, betting, and taking part in missions to get more Linden dollars. These challenges will be available from time to time.

Can we recommend it or not?

The amount of character customization ability, variations of experience that you can get by playing this game is massively entertaining. This is like the holy grail of virtual reality social networking. You can be anyone you want to be in this game and it’s a kind of addicting to be honest.

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