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Pinecone Research Review [2019]

Pinecone research review 2019


Pinecone Research is a survey website and a product testing platform and membership is exclusive. You have to be invited through an email invitation to join them. You can join through an invitation link of a member.

How to get paid with Pinecone Research?

1. Completing surveys with them.

Completing surveys with them rewards you an amount of 300 points. It is equal to 3 US dollars. Americans earn 3 US dollars per survey, Britons earn 3 Euros per survey, and Canadians earn 3 Canadian dollars per survey.

A survey usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

There are a wide variety of surveys to choose from.

2. Sweepstakes

Pinecone Research is conducting a bi weekly and quarterly sweepstakes contest to encourage the participation of their members. Quarterly sweepstakes will land you 4500 $ as the lucky price. Bi weekly sweepstakes is 500$.

3. Product and services review

Pinecone Research will mail certain products to their members from time to time to test from home and these products can vary from electronics to food items. A survey will be offered to you as a follow up and it acts as a part of product testing. Pinecone research will pay you about 6$ per product and another 3 $ for taking part in that post review survey. The products, specially the food and beverages are allowed to be kept for providing customer insights as these insights are helping the companies to improve their products, services and after sales customer care. A product test .

However, you cannot get enlisted to the product testing as the Pinecone Research will mail these items as it may seem fit.

Click on this image to earn money with Pinecone research

How to receive your payments?

You are getting rewarded with Pinecone Research points and a point is equal to 0.01 US dollars. These points can be redeemed in various ways. Pinecone Research has provided a flexible opportunities to redeem these earnings.

  1. You can redeem your points to your PayPal account and the payment processing is done within 3 to 5 working days without a standard service fee.
  2. Can request a bank cheque. The bank cheque processing will take 3 to 5 working days and will take some time to receive the cheque by mail.
  3. Redeeming your Pinecone Research points to e-gift cards. – There are a wide selection of gift card options including iTunes, Starbucks, Home Depot, Walmart etc etc.
  4. Crediting to prepaid Visa card. – availability is based on demographics.
  5. Amazon e-cards can be received by redeeming points for it. This e-card will be sent to your email.

Advantages of Pinecone Research

  1. Bi weekly and quarterly sweepstakes with big prices.
  2. They pay extremely well considering other sites.
  3. Flexible payments are available as there are a variety of ways to redeem your points. Few of these options are e-gift cards, bank cheques and PayPal credit.
  4. Good customer care. – Customer care is easily accessible and very professional. The response time period is within 1 to 3 working days.
  5. No start up cost or membership fee.
  6. A legitimate company.
  7. You get to test unreleased products and sometimes you may be allowed to keep them.
  8. The points that you earn with Pinecone Research will be valid for a time period of a year.
  9. You are not required to have a certain minimum number of points to redeem.
  10. Personal data is safe as these data will never be shared with third party organizations.

Disadvantages of Pinecone Research

  1. No mobile app is available.
  2. To become a member you have to be of at least 18 years old.
  3. You have to be a resident of USA, Canada, UK or Germany is a must to become qualified to join the Pinecone Research community.
  4. Survey availability will change with your demographics.
  5. You may get removed from a panel based on new demogrpahics the platform is in a need of having.
  6. One member of a household is eligible to become a member.

Can we recommend Pinecone Research?

It is an exclusive survey and research community which allows it’s users to earn money with wide variety of ways. Their sweepstakes offers are more generous than the offers of many other competitors. Their rewards are higher and more transparent than many of their competition. You can earn some money with them for less and easy effort.

Pinecone research, join it by clicking on this image

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