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OutByte MacRepair software Review [2019]

OutByte MacRepair Review

Introduction to OutByte MacRepair

OutByte MacRepair is a software focusing on performance and overall security improvements in MacOS. It scans the system and removes suspicious apps, suspicious and dangerous files and protects you from malicious URLs. OutByte MacRepiar also protect the MacOS running computers from risks posed by unsecured internet browsing. This software speeds up your MacOS computer by effectively removing dangerous files, suspicious programs, clearing cache and temporary files and malware.

OutByte MacRepair Review
OutByte MacRepair Review

Functionalities of OutByte MacRepair

  1. System optimization. – Gives you the ability to clean up SSD space by removing unwanted applications and unwanted files.
  2. Reducde SSD memory use. – Most of the modern MacOS laptops are coming with 128GB or 256GB Solid State Disk drives. In modern standards a 128GB or 256GB disk space is almost impractical and in other words every 1GB does matter to save up your data. To do this OutByte MacRepair tool is cleaning up temporary files, temporary app data, unnecessary language files, system dumps and cache memory. It is said that you need at least 20% free disk space to run system smoothly.
  3. Startup optimization. – You can use OutByte MacRepair to optimize startup of the MacOS by controlling auto startup of programs.
  4. RAM memory tweaking. – Insufficient RAM memory can lead to system interruptions, system performance problems, overall system breakdowns. Insufficient RAM memory is usually caused by temporary app data, unwanted background processes. OutByte MacRepair tool removes unnecessary app data and eliminates unwanted background processes.
  5. Secured web browsing. – The OutByte MacRepair tool protects the user from malicious URLs and protects your financial and personal data from the spyware and malware that may lay dormant in downloaded files in your computer. This secure web browsing further protects you from adware, phishing, spyware and malware.
  6. Monitors Battery usability. – This software provides detailed information about apps that are using too much battery power and their run time on battery power. These logs and information helps you to understand the power hungry apps and can resolve the issues regarding them.

Advantages of OutByte MacRepair tool

  1. Comes with lots of features and energy saving options to increase battery life.
  2. Reliable and efficient memory optimization.
  3. Tweaks RAM usage.
  4. Unlimited amount of system scans can be performed.
  5. 30 day no risk money back guarantee.
  6. Secured web browsing.
  7. Protection against malware, spyware, phishing attempts and dangerous downloads.
  8. 24X7 customer service support.

Disadvantages of OutByte MacRepair

  1. Some features are provided as additional features.

Pricing and packages

OutByte MacRepair comes in three packages

  1. Basic Package. – This is providing unlimited system clean ups and RAM memory optimization. comes with 30 day money back guarantee. A personalized battery life improvement plan is also provided with this package. Costs $14.95 per month.
  2. Standard package comes with all the features of basic package plus one click energy save, RAM optimizer and trash cleaner. Costs $9.95 per month when paid every three months.
  3. Premium 12 package. – This package provides the same features provided by Standard package, but costs only $6.95 per month when paid annually.
  4. Premium 24 package comes with the features of Standard package but costs only $4.95 per month when paid every two years, making it the most cost effective plan.

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Can we recommend it or not?

OutByte MacRepair comes with a battery life improvements, system memory optimizing, RAM memory tweaking and many other features. It provides solid and reliable RAM management improvements and hard disk cleaning functionalities. It is a must have when considering the overall system performance improvement it provides.

OutByte MacRepair Review
OutByte MacRepair Review

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