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McAfee antivirus guard review

Pros *

  1. McAfee Antivirus guard is a trusted and reputed antivirus application.
  2. It checks the social media accounts and outsider urls associated to those accounts, to save you from phishing, adware and malicious downloads.
  3. It protects you from almost all the phishing attempts, adware, malicious links, rootkits and malware.
  4. 100% of guaranteed virus removal and therefore high reliability.
  5. Prices are acceptable and the overall value for the price is high.
  6. Works on literally all the widespread OS
  7. 30 day money back guarantee is provided to ensure customer satisfaction
  8. One of the easiest to use and the UI can be considered as very user friendly.
  9. All the features that you are looking for from a professional level antivirus program is present in this application.
  10. Excellent 24/7 free customer service.


  1. Quite resource hungry. A noticeable system lag can be seen while performing a full scan. Processing power, RAM and higher hard disk rate is used while on Full Scanning mode.

*The availability of features listed in Pros and Cons can vary on the packaging that you purchase.


Though the McAfee antivirus guard application is quite resource hungry, it serves as a big shield to protect yourself and your data from all the virus threats that you should be afraid of. It stops malware from infecting your computer only to quarantine it and will give a detailed report about each threat that it blocks or quarantines. The ability to block malicious websites, Trojans, phishing attempts, rootkits adware is amazing. Also it is very convenient to understand what the hell is going on as it gives you in browser details or reports about suspicious activities or the type of threat it blocked from reaching you r you from reaching them. It will also list down the web addresses and IP addresses which is having a link with the threat, even though you haven’t explored those links before. This feature is going to be very useful for people who are searching on the internet more often, as they can avoid these harmful web addresses in the future.

Email Spam blocking protection, customizable firewall and other key features will maximize your protection.

AV Comparatives ratings are with flying colours and the real time scanning is having an average score, probably because of performance lagging.

This application comes with support for both home and business solutions of any size and there are packages that provide unlimited devices and

Last of all, McAfee is one of the most trusted and most accomplished antivirus solution providers. They have packages for all your needs whether it is home solution or business solution.

Note that all the above mentioned features and their availability depends on the package that you purchase. Packages and pricing are listed in down below.

Anti Virus Performance

Virus download attempts are quickly blocked and reports were given instantly by tagging those downloads. Reattempts to download those files were also repeatedly blocked. When tried to download several times non stop, McAfee antivirus guard gave in, but the moment the downloads were finished, they were quarantined and held in a folder specifically left for Quarantine processes.

It protects you from

  1. Viruses
  2. Ransomware
  3. Phishing
  4. Malicious URLs and will list all the IP addresses associated with it.
  5. USB based threats
  6. Spam
  7. Adware
  8. Malware

It also provides,

  1. personalize able firewall, which can be used to block some websites, URLs, IP addresses from your side.
  2. email spam blocking
  3. firewall that will save you from hackers and thieves
  4. Social media link protection

Note: Quarantine folder can be accessed by clicking on settings icon.


Installation Process was easier, and can be manageable by anyone with the experience of installing a virus guard before or even by a rookie if he/she takes time to read the labels and links, but not as easy as setting up Intrusta virus guard.

You can read our full review on Intrusta virus guard in here.

The real time scanning and updating automatically features and all the important features were active by default and begins to work in background as soon as the installation is complete. If there are dormant viruses or malwares in your computer, they will be quarantined and you can view those files in the quarantine folder.


Virus definition databases and other bug fixing updates are downloaded and installed all by itself and it is required to restart your computer to get the updates working on the background. This is because, all the background processes must be restarted to actually get a better index and coordination to the virus data definitions in the updated database. Updates are received regularly and happens smoothly.

Easy to use

This is easy to use. The interface is not so crowded, and you will find most of the advanced features in the settings menu that can be accessed by clicking on settings icon.

The dashboard provides the user with the current status of the operating systems protection and the user can launch quick search parameters and full scan parameters in a matter of a click. Auto scans can be configured easily, all the features will be enabled the moment of completed installation and configurations will be done automatically

Performance Issues

The only downside we felt while using McAfee is that it can be quite resource hungry while doing a full Scan of the computer. File exploration, drag and drop actions, ability to use the web browser will be seriously affected if you are running on an old machine, specially the Intel i3 series including 3rd and before 3rdGen , i5 series before 2nd and 2nd Gen. Performance lag in i7 series was relatively less.


Pricing ranges from 24.99 upwards as the time of writing this article.

The packages

McAfee Antivirus package includes antivirus protection with free 24/7 customer support and it comes with built in computer optimization tools for a single device.

McAfee Internet Security package includes full antivirus protection with 24/7 customer support, email spam blocking protection, built in computer optimization tools and parental control. This is for unlimited devices.

McAfee Total Protection includes all the features of McAfee antivirus and McAfee Internet Security packages, firewall protection, social media link protection and the ability to encrypt your personal files and password storing True Key application. Shu

Customer Support

Customer Support is stellar and 24/7 service is provided for the customers. Their antivirus support page got all the F.A.Q listed.

Should we buy it?

McAfee is around the town since 1987 and has been creating antivirus and security encryption products, and can be considered as pioneers in the field. Their products are trusted and appreciated by companies like IBM, Dell, Acer, Intel etc etc. Their pricing and package solutions are having a high value.

Our recommendation is McAfee’s standalone Antivirus which provides all the best of features.

check it in here

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