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InboxDollars review (2019)

InboxDollars, is one of the best ways to make some extra money online quickly, legitimately with less effort and minimum risk. To use InboxDollars, you only need an Internet connection and a little bit of time to qualify for using this program. You can earn money from day one and there is however a little reward for the easy work that you submit. Rather than spending your spare time on worrying about financial troubles, what about earning some extra pocket cash with that time you spend on worrying and self loathing? You have come to the right place….

About InboxDollars?

There are a plethora of legitimate paid survey sites on the internet and each one is a little bit different from the other, though offer the same promise, but only handful of them is are paying any real money. InboxDollars surveys helps you to earn real cash rather than earning points and just sweepstakes.

Get Paid to Read Emails, Play Games, Search the Web, $5 Signup Bonus.

Legitimacy of InboxDollars

InboxDollars is in action since 2000, and having a member base of more than 10 million and that number is vastly growing as we speak. It has earned a good brand image and a big reputation as one of the legitimate, transparent, customer satisfaction oriented and professional companies.

InboxDollars was founded by Mr.Daren Cotter of CotterWeb Enterprises back in 2000. And the HQ is in Minnesota, USA. Daren Cotter is also acting as the CEO of InboxDollars and further act as ab adviser, mentor and a reputed investor.

By 2017, InboxDollars has paid their customers more than 50 million US dollars and they are paying you a hefty bonus of 5 US dollars as a signing up bonus. They have a Facebook presence of more than 2 million fans.

What is InboxDollars ?

As I mentioned earlier, you can make money by simply signing up, because they are paying you a 5 US dollar bonus for simply signing up.

With InboxDollars , you can earn money by

  1. completing online marketing research surveys,
  2. by reading and replying to emails,
  3. Listening to the radio or watching TV,
  4. for trying various branded products and services,
  5. Watching promotional videos,
  6. For Shopping online,
  7. Playing games,
  8. Coupons, bonus and deals provided by vendours associated to InboxDollars
  9. Using search engines to search for specific products,
  10. Referring friends,
  11. By signing up for various offers
  12. InboxDollars also offers rewards , both monetary and gifts.

Also, you can earn up to 2 cents for each logging up, this may not sound much but, if you stick with them on the long run, it may serve you as a small bonus for being one of their faithful members.

You will get paid 50 cents for completing a very simple short profile survey. All the available surveys will be listed and alongside the exact amount of dollars that will be paid for the completion of that survey.

To get paid, you must have a minimum of 30 US dollars, and will be charged a standard 3 dollar fee to process the payment. But, if you cash out at 40 US dollars or more, you will not be charged that 3 dollar processing fee.

You can earn $ 1.50 to $ 2 per hour with InboxDollars, circa.

Get Paid to Read Emails, Play Games, Search the Web, $5 Signup Bonus.

Advantages of using InboxDollars

  1. Getting paid in cash. – You are getting paid in cash, not points for completing surveys. You can keep completing more and more surveys to get paid more in cash. You will be not qualified for all the available surveys though, but with time you will receive more notifications about available surveys. Normally, you will get paid 0.25 $ to 2 $ per survey.
  2. Less effort to earn rewards. – Most of the surveys are providing you questions and you can reply by selecting one of the options out of options given as MCQs. Before taking a survey, they will provide you certain details such as completion time, reward, survey topic etc etc. You can score money by watching TV, playing games and etc etc. A free site tour will be available after you registered for a new account.
  3. Easy to learn the ropes. – You can earn more and more at your pace, as there are no deadlines nor penalties. The website is designed in a way that it is very easy to navigate through all the offers, because these offers are well organized by categories and members can check their account balance at any time. It is also not mandatory to answer all the surveys that you are qualified to participate in, as you can choose the surveys of your liking. The web interface is clean and you can access the site and it’s services through android OS and iOS applications.
  4. Completion of a survey takes less than 10 minutes. – You can choose from a wide variety of surveys which will provide you the ability to take them at random, and most of theses survey’s take less time than 10 minutes. Usually, you can earn from 0.25 dollars for a 9 minute survey. Completion of 4 surveys within 40 minutes will get you a dollar. A good way to kill time, don’t you think? You can earn high as 4 US dollars for more extensive surveys.
  5. Gifts, money, survey tokes and sweepstakes. – You will receive “spins” for the completion of surveys as a bonus. You can use these “spins” to play the Mascot’s spin and winning game will help you to earn more money, survey tokens and sweepstakes.
Follow InboxDollars on social media to win prices daily

Get Paid to Read Emails, Play Games, Search the Web, $5 Signup Bonus.

6. WinIt codes. – InboxDollars will post on their Facebook page or on twitter, or a picture on Instagram that contains a specific code that can be redeemed by entering on the right sidebar of their homepage. It is free to participate and you can win a price only if you follow them on social media.

7. Earn monetary rewards for Signing up for offers. – You can earn bonuses by signing up with limitless offers by the advertisers. For an example, if you sign up for Ebay, you will receive a signup bonus of 6 US dollars. Some vendours will provide you memberships with access to free samples and discounts up to 60% for their products.

8. Special Offers. – An unexpectedly vast ranging earning opportunities will pop up from time to time. These offers may be in the form of new memberships and or signing up for new services or an insensitive for making a purchase from a retailer. (I got 20 $ for making a purchase from a retailer)

9. You can earn money by reading and responding to Emails.

10. You can earn money by referring friends. These people must sign up by following a unique URL provided to you by the InboxDollars program.

11. Earn money for searching online. -You can earn money by searching online through the rewards club search engine. Usually you will get paid with a small amount of money and sweepstakes for every random search that you do through this search engine. However you have to disable ad blockers to use this service.

12. You can earn money for watching videos. – You can earn money by watching promotional videos by the vendours. The amount you earn is based on how many videos you keep watching. Usually a video is around two minutes.

13. Earn money by playing games. – You can select from dozens of games and can get paid when you play.

14. Easier access to payments and transparency. – You can request for a payment with a minimum amount of 30 US dollars in your account. You can receive these payments as traditional bank cheque or an e payment (45 e-Gift cards), or via VISA, MasterCard and donations (14 options to choose).

15. Big community of members. – There’s a big community of InboxDollars users and currently more than 10 million. Most of them have created a huge online presence, so, you can use social media to be in contact with people who might give you heads on regarding several things.

Disadvantages of InboxDollars

  1. The 3 US dollar standard processing fee when a member is cashing out at 30 US dollars. However if your balance is 40 US dollars or more, you won’t be charged this amount.
  2. Paypal or Paysa depositing is not available at the moment of writing this article.
  3. Many highly irresistible offers require purchases.
  4. Have to disable ad blocker to use the search service.
  5. Disqualification rate is considerably lower as the success rate for my survey attempts were 30 % only.

Payment procedure

You will be charged 3 dollar standard processing fee when asking for a payment. But, if you request for a payment for more than 40 US dollars, you won’t be charged that processing fee.

The first payment for non Gold members will have a processing time period of 10 to 16 days after requesting for a payment. You become a golden member after being processed of your first payment.

Get Paid to Read Emails, Play Games, Search the Web, $5 Signup Bonus.

Benefits of becoming a Gold member

Gold members are giving the ability to select a card without creating an account for additional benefits. There is no additional fees for e-cards.

Cheques will be processed and emailed through US postal services, and will take up to two-three weeks to arrive, depends on your destination.

Members will be receiving an email regarding the expected processing dates of the payments.

Also don’t forget to read about our favourite Virus Guard in here.

Get Paid to Read Emails, Play Games, Search the Web, $5 Signup Bonus.


You can earn money from the first day with limitless opportunities provided by thousands of vendours. With least commitment and least amount of effort, you can earn more and more money. You can check your balance at any time and the payment procedures are transparent and legal.

Get Paid to Read Emails, Play Games, Search the Web, $5 Signup Bonus.

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