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HomeAdviser Android App review [2019]

HomeAdvisor Android review

Introduction HomeAdviser Android app

HomeAdviser android application is an android application with a user base of more than 30 million home owners. This app is focused on home improvement services and connects you to local contractors from their network. They claim to feature hundred of professional housing solutions providers specialized in renovation, maintenance and repairing projects. These featured housing solutions providers are rated by the customers as per the quality of their services.

Functionality of the application

  1. You can use the HomeAdviser Android application to read reviews, to see cost estimates, to book appointments and you can save favourites in case you want to remember them or recommend them to someone else.
  2. You can use the application to find top rated contractors and can make an appointment with them to enquire more details or for further negotiations.
  3. The HomeAdviser Android app is free to use and with it you can compare the contractors, you can view their prices, read verified reviews from existing customers, and even schedule an appointment.
  4. Remodeling and renovation projects are easier with the ability to find a suitable contractor with a few clicks.
  5. Home improvement planner can be used to compare costs to build, remodel or renovation for hundreds of home projects with their True cost guide.
  6. You can keep track on your contractors and projects with the HomeAdviser Android app.

They provide solutions for following projects, but not limited to

  1. Flooring.
  2. Windows and doors.
  3. Roofing solutions and gutters.
  4. Heating and cooling solutions.
  5. Kitchens.
  6. Bathrooms.
  7. Garages.
  8. Painting solutions.
  9. Staining.
  10. Tile and stone.
  11. Additions to existing houses.
  12. Remodeling existing houses.
  13. Maintenance.
  14. Home improvement services
  15. Electrical
  16. Law care
  17. Landscaping solutions
  18. Cleaning services
  19. Pest control
  20. Sliding
  21. Fences
  22. Decks

And more than 500 other projects.

Can we recommend it or not?

HomeAdviser Android app is undoubtedly one of the easiest to use. The customer base is higher than many of the competition. They provide verified customer reviews and ranks contractors accordingly. You can easily schedule a home improvement, renovation, remodeling, building project with this application. Cost estimates are also realistic.


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