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Heimdal Security Thor Antivirus Review [2019]

heimdal security thor review


Heimdal Security Thor uses a hybrid advanced beahvioural scanning and real time cloud scanning plus machine learning to identify threats and possible threats before they reach out for your devices. Heimdal Security Thor also boast a high detection rate of viruses, ransomware, Trojans, phishing sites and malware. The highlights of their protection is the amount of security that they provide to ensure your safety from the phishing sites.

Also, the “Advanced behavioural scanning” does identify threats a way earlier and ends up stopping any risk of an infection. Another perk of using Heimdal Security Thor is it won’t slow down your computer.

How it works?

Most of the ransomware attacks that happened in recent history are new and more than 3/4 of them were not even listed in any virus database. In other words a normal antivirus won’t react or response in an effective way to slow down the infection nor getting rid of it. This is where Heimdal Security Thor comes to the play.

According to Heimdal Security’s point of view, it is far better to stop an infection even before it is happening rather than getting rid of an infection as it may have already compromised your personal data plus system performance. Another highlighted feature of Heimdal Security Thor is that it updates all your apps automatically and this feature alone is more than worthy alone to defend against 75% to 90% of different attack angles.

So, to pull this out the Heimdal Security Thor is scanning all of ongoing and outgoing internet data packets and as soon as they detect any possible malware attack, spyware or an ransomware, they simply quarantine it and blocks it from reaching your computer system with incoming data packets. Because of this filtration system which is known as the “advanced behavioural scanning and real time cloud scanning” the malware viruses cannot collect your data nor transfer them back to their creators.

With Heimdal Security Thor, you don’t have to be in fear of any data breaches as it continuously monitors and protects you from malware, spyware, ransomware, viruses, trojans and phishing attempts.

Heimdal Security Thor
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Advantages of using Heimdal Security Thor

  1. Full featured protection against all sorts of viruses. It’s advanced behavioural scanning and real time cloud scanning hybrid protection will prevent many possible security threats like malware, spyware, ransomware, trojans, viruses and phishing sites.
  2. The Advanced machine learning power powered “Advanced beahvioural scanning and “real time cloud scanning” is far more effective and faster when it comes to filtration process than any conventional antiviruses which reacts to an virus attack based on it’s virus databases. The three level protection system will protect you good.
  3. Your computer performance is not affected with Heimdal Security Thor, as this is lightweight and not using much of your system resources. This is going to be an advantage for power users such as Graphic Designers, Animators and Gamers.
  4. Free protection and hazel free automatic updation of applications in your computer to avoid 75% to 90% of various attack angles.
  5. Customer support is professional and user friendly as they will communicate with live chat and via email.
  6. Three packages to choose from to get the features you need the most. From basic home user protection to an industrial level business protection is provided by them for the right price.
  7. Maximum value for the price that they ask for.
  8. Heimdal Security Thor comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and it is a safety option to get your money back if your not satisfied with their services.
  9. Automatic updates of your software and applications to get rid of any potential security holes.

Disadvantages of Heimdal Security Thor

  1. Heimdal Security never goes to technical details about their three layered protection.Though this can hardly be pointed out as an error.

How to purchase and price.

Heimdal Security Thor comes with three packages and each is having different features. Every package comes with different levels of security.

1. Thor Vigilance Home

This is the basic package provided by Heimdal Security Thor. This package offers real time clouding behaviour based scanning signature scanning to identify any incoming threats. Heimdal Security Thor Vigilance package also uses a sandbox system to quarantine possible threats and provides backdoor security to block the entrance of malware or other viruses from a backdoor server. Basic packages of other competitors never offer this backdoor security feature which is going to become very effective.

2. Thor Foresight Home package

eimdal Security Thor Foresight Home package offers some kind of an additional layer of security which is coexisting with your current antivirus. Thor Foresight Home package is using advanced cutting edge technology to filter your internet traffic to protect your PC from ransomware malware and phishing attempts and automatic updation of all of your applications and software is also done automatically.

3. Thor Premium Home Package

The Thor Premium Home Package is providing all the advanced features of both Thor Vigilance Home and the Thor Foresight Home packages. This package quarantines and remove the infected malware and viruses plus protects you from malware, ransomware and phishing attempts.

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Heimdal Security Thor provides different levels of security.
Reactive SecurityProactive SecurityComplete Security
Local Signature/File based scanningYesNoYes
Real time Cloud ScanningYesNoYes
Sandbox and Backdoor inspectionYesNoYes
Clean and Quarantine local infected filesYesNoYes
Unique Traffic based Malware protectionNoYesYes
Essential add on to any Anti VirusNoYesYes
Enhances any firewallNoYesYes
Blocks any malware before it reaches your PC NoYesYes
Multi Layered AI powered protection NoYesYes
Secures your web browsingNoYesYes
Secures your online banking and paymentsNoYesYes
Phishing protectionNoYesYes
Automatically updates your applicationsNoYesYes
For Windows 7, 8, 10YesYesYes
Secures three PCs (up to 10)YesYesYes
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Can we recommend this product?

Yes, we can. As we discussed earlier the three layer protection system which is real time cloud scanning and advanced behavioural scanner powered with machine language, does offer you the maximum security against real time threats. Heimdal Security Thor is easy to use and provides a user friendly interface you can access detailed reports and logs with a few clicks. It also provides a user guidance on how to perform it’s tasks. Detection rates are hire and has positive feedback on Trust Pilot. Value for money is extremely high.

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