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Global Test Market Review. [2019]

Global Test Market research


Global Test Market is a legitimate website and it offers surveys that you can fill up and these surveys will be offered to you based on your demographics and by completing these surveys you will be able to earn money. Global Test Market is available in 200 countries and it is having partnerships with more than 1500 companies around the globe.

Different companies who are in need of detailed customer feedback are reaching for Global Test Market which collects users feedback and gives back an incentive to the participant of a survey. It is having monthly visits of millions.

Global Test Market is a legitimate website which was launched back in 1999 as an online survey panel and is undoubtedly one of the oldest survey websites. At the beginning it was owned by a company called “Global Market Insight”, but now it is owned by “Lightspeed Research”.

Anyone who is above 14 years of age can register with Global Test Market.

How to earn money with Global Test Market

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  1. Completing Surveys

You can complete surveys to earn money with Global Test Market. Surveys will be available to you based on your preferences and demographics. Most of the time the surveys are based on movies, entertainment, restaurants and hotels, automobiles, subscription services and consumer products etc etc.

For every survey completed, Global Test Market will pay points. These points can be redeemed to cash. You are getting paid 25 to 300 Lifepoints per survey and this amount varies based on the length, validity and complexity of the survey.

Most of the surveys will offer you an average of 35 Lifepoints which is equal to $1.50.

Most of the companies out there doesn’t pay you for disqualified surveys, but Global Test Market is paying you 5 Lifepoints for completion.

You will get few email notifications about the availability of the surveys.

Note: You have to fill the surveys within a specific time period or otherwise you will be shut off with a notification from them. You won’t get money for those surveys.

2. Sweepstakes

Global Test Market does offer sweepstakes entries for completing surveys and these sweepstakes entries make users eligible for quarterly prices or grand prices offered by the company and these are having a regular limited time periods. Also the availability of sweepstakes can vary on the country that you live in.

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3. Product Testing

You can take part in various surveys about specific products and services. These are usually having ten to fifty questions. You will get paid from 25 to 300 Lifepoints.

4. Mobile app

You can download “Lifepoints app” to your mobile phone to take part in surveys through your phone.

5. Can Earn Referral points by referring friends or family.

You can earn referral points by referring the Global Test Market to your friends and close relatives. You can start earning the referral points as soon as the referred person has completed more than two surveys.

6. IT surveys

You can take surveys regarding IT and IT service providers.

How to get payments?

You can redeem Global Test Market points to cash by transferring them to Paypal account or by redeeming them for gift cards and Bank cheques.

Gift cards includes Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, flipkart Retails and Restaurants etc etc.

You can even donate your payments to charities.

Global test market – Lifepoints 20 is equal to 1 $, circa.

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Advantages of using Global Test Market

  1. Available in more than 200 countries and having partnerships with more than 1500 companies around the globe.
  2. Registration process is simple and quick.
  3. No startup cost or membership fees.
  4. Paypal payments are faster.
  5. Surveys are easy to complete and there are many surveys to choose from.
  6. Rewarding is relatively higher for the websites in this niche.
  7. Easy accessibility. – The website interface is cluster free and easy to navigate through all the features.

Disadvantages of Global Test Market

  1. You have to earn at least 1100 Life points to cash out. 1100 Lifepoints is approximately 50 US dollars.
  2. Payment processing time is usually 4 to 6 weeks
  3. The only earning ways are through taking surveys and referring to friends.
  4. Customer service support is not accessible easily
  5. Constant site malfunctions

Can we recommend Global Test market?

Yes. Global Test Market is a legitimate website which is actually one of the oldest of this specific niche. It has millions of site visits per month, which means that there are tons of active users in this site. According to them they have paid more than 40 million US dollars to their customers. This site won’t make you a millionaire overnight, though a good way to earn some extra money in your free time.

Click this image to join Global Test Market

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